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Drought-stressed corn displaying leaf rolling.

Tips For Managing Drought-Stressed Fields

Jun 28, 2022 | Answer Plot
You can purchase the right equipment, seed and inputs to set your season up for success, but you can’t control the weather. Navigating the challenges of Mother Nature is one of the trickiest parts of farming. This is especially true when it comes to managing crops through d...
Close up of corn tassels.

5 Ways to Find Success With Fungicides

Jun 16, 2022 | Answer Plot
It’s time to bust the myth once and for all that fungicides aren’t worth investing in. Research has continually shown yield advantages when a fungicide application is made. In fact, our Answer Plot® trials have consistently shown an average of more than 10 bu...
Closeup of a soybean plant.

6 Disease Management Tips for Corn and Soybeans

Jun 15, 2022 | Answer Plot
Diseases may already be showing up in your corn and soybean fields, so it’s a good time to be scouting your fields for early signs of trouble. With plenty of the season still left, your crop will benefit from a proactive approach to disease management. Here are six tips to ...
Grower analyzing mid-season corn plant.

Maximize Plant Health at Key Growth Stages

May 26, 2022 | Answer Plot
Plant health is a lofty term that gets tossed around a lot in agronomic conversations. However, when you have a clear definition and actionable strategies, maximizing plant health becomes a very real and important way to help your crop reach closer to their genetic potential and ...
Cotton thrips on a leaf.

Take Action Against Thrips in Cotton

May 26, 2022 | Answer Plot
During the hustle and bustle of planting season, it’s easy to overlook early-season pests that could cause season-long damage to your cotton crop. Thrips, in particular, require proactive management that starts at planting. Follow these actionable tips to protect your crop&...
Herbicide applicator climbing onto a sprayer carrying an adjuvant jug.

4 Adjuvant Classes Proven to Help Improve Weed Control

May 19, 2022 | Answer Plot
Supply chain issues continue to disrupt the ag industry, making it imperative to use resources efficiently and effectively this season. In many cases, there may not be enough herbicide supply available to fix mistakes or problems that arise during spray applications. Adding adjuv...
Farmer lowering a spray boom to prepare for an herbicide application.

Prevent and Control Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

May 09, 2022 | Answer Plot
If you find your herbicides aren’t performing as well as they used to, you may be battling herbicide-resistant weeds. Once you have resistant weeds, it becomes much more challenging and costly to keep fields clean. With a diversified weed control program, you can level up y...
Canola field in full bloom.

Monitoring and Managing White Mold in Canola

May 09, 2022 | Answer Plot
It would be nice if we could just sit back and enjoy the view when canola reaches its most photogenic stage, but unfortunately, white mold can seriously impact your crop before it blooms when the conditions are right. Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor the conditions and pr...
Close up of cotton plant.

Keep Close Tabs on Cotton Management

May 06, 2022 | Answer Plot
Cotton growers know that, even under ideal conditions, cotton requires intense monitoring and management throughout the season. Here are some tips to help guide in-season decisions. Control insects Last season, high thrip and plant bug activity challenged growers. Cotton seed t...
Smartphone calculator.

Crunch Our Numbers, Then Crush Your Harvest

Apr 29, 2022 | Answer Plot
What difference could simply adding an adjuvant to your tank mix really make come harvest? We ran trials, crunched the numbers and, according to the data, WinField® United adjuvants could help generate additional ROI you won’t want to pass up.
Early-season soybean plants.

Making Sense of the Biologicals Market

Apr 29, 2022 | Answer Plot
The biologicals product category has grown exponentially in the past few years. What was once focused on specialty crops and other niche markets is now moving into row crops. That said, the market is still relatively young, leaving plenty of room for confusion and skepticism. &n...
Closeup of cotton plant.

3 Ways to Gin Up Your Cotton Management

Apr 27, 2022 | Answer Plot
As a cotton farmer, some of your biggest purchasing decisions for the upcoming season have already been made. While many variables go into the final variety selection ultimately, you have selected the genetics that will best meet your yield goals and the fiber quality that best s...
Farmer analyzing soil.

Fine-Tune Your Soil Fertility Plan

Apr 18, 2022 | Answer Plot
Just like us, crops need a well-balanced diet to optimize productivity. When just one essential nutrient is insufficient, the plant can’t carry out metabolic functions as efficiently, which could negatively impact the crop. If you’re looking for ways to fine-tune your...
Row of nozzles on a spray boom outputting herbicide.

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Early-Season Spray Program

Apr 11, 2022 | Answer Plot
Once your burndown application is complete and fields are ready for planting, it’s hard to think about anything but getting seeds in the ground. For adequate weed management, however, planting must be balanced with a strategic herbicide program to ensure effective weed cont...
Treated corn seed being poured into a planter.

The Yield Equation: Where Do Seed Treatments Fit?

Apr 04, 2022 | Answer Plot
Did you know that an effective seed treatment helps your crop establish a more even stand? That benefit alone offers season-long advantages. Of course, seed treatments can also help protect against early-season insect and disease pressure and promote vigorous emergence.   ...
Dirt road running through the middle of a canola field.

Answer Plot Research Lends Insight Into Ideal Canola Populations

Apr 02, 2022 | Answer Plot
Every growing season, we focus on several aspects of the WinField® United R7® high yield management research at our Answer Plot® locations. When it comes to our canola trials, one area that continues to receive a lot of attention is response-to population (RTP). Namel...
Field of spring wheat.

New European Variety Highlights CROPLAN Spring Wheat Portfolio

Apr 01, 2022 | Answer Plot
In our ongoing quest to bring the best wheat varieties to market, WinField® United and CROPLAN® brand seed have developed relationships with several of the industry’s top genetic suppliers. And just like the professional sports teams that scout for international tal...
Image showing an application of Aggressor herbicide in a CoAXium wheat field.

CROPLAN® Portfolio Now Includes COAXIUM® Hard Red Spring Wheat

Mar 31, 2022 | Answer Plot
CROPLAN® has added a new spring wheat variety to its lineup. CP3201AX CoAXium® hard red spring is now available in limited quantities for spring seeding. This variety is part of the CoAXium Wheat Production System, which provides a new tool for weed control by combining d...