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Agronomy Service


From quality seed to custom applications of fertilizers and crop protection products, Midland Marketing Coop’s full-service agronomy division provides everything you need to maximize productivity on your farm. Our experienced agronomists go above and beyond to learn everything they can about your fields and your goals so they can help you put together the right management plan for your operation. We also work hard to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your crop inputs by offering precision agronomy solutions like soil tests, tissue sampling, field mapping and variable rate technology.
We have four main agronomy centers located in Hays, La Crosse, Palco and Plainville, and six additional agronomy hubs in Brownell, McCracken, Natoma, Toulon, Yocemento and Zurich to make sure that our quality products and services are always available to meet your needs. Read on to learn more about our product portfolios and service offerings, and give us a call to start realizing your operation’s fullest potential.

Seed Treatments

It’s important to protect your investment after selecting the right wheat or soybean varieties for your fields. We take great pride in our seed treatment capabilities at Midland Marketing. With seed treaters in Plainville, Palco and McCracken, we can apply the full line of Warden® seed treatments on demand, among other products.                               

Test Plots

Selecting the right hybrids and seed varieties can be a complex process with new products constantly being introduced. Fortunately, we help you sort through the details by providing yield data from Midland Marketing test plots and trials from Fort Hays University. We’ve also actively assisted DeKalb and Asgrow with their market development plot in Rooks County for several years. In addition to reviewing the data below, be sure to consult your local agronomist for customized assistance in finding the best fit for your acres.

Seed Treatment


As your local fertilizer source, Midland Marketing Coop can supply any crop nutrient product that your soil sample or plant tissue analysis recommends to keep your crops healthy and optimize their yield potential. Whether you’re looking for dry or liquid fertilizers, our four main agronomy hubs deliver bulk product to every corner of our service area. We can also custom-blend dry fertilizers to your exact specifications. 
Many customers utilize our custom application service to provide their fields with exactly what is needed to maximize yield potential and farm profitability. To boost the return on your crop investment, our team of knowledgeable agronomists at Midland Marketing will customize the right fertility package for your fields and your bottom line. In addition to dry and liquid fertilizers, our lineup includes:

Crop Protection Products

Midland Marketing has built relationships with the industry’s leading crop protection manufacturers, allowing us to provide any crop protection product you need to protect your fields against weeds, diseases and pests. Our wide range of offerings includes product portfolios from the manufacturers listed below.
You can rely on our expert agronomists to provide insights and observations that will help you develop strategies to manage the challenges your acres face in any given season. In addition to scouting your fields, we also offer custom application services. Whether you’re in need of flat or variable rate treatments, our applicators and fleet of advanced equipment have you covered. We also have relationships with aerial applicators.

Crop Protection Product

Agronomy Services

Our dependable agronomy team offers a wide range of quality agronomic services at Midland Marketing Coop, including the following:

  • Soil sampling
  • Custom fertilizer applications (flat or variable rate treatments)
    • Dry or liquid fertilizers
    • Custom dry blends
    • Top-dress urea and AMS custom applications
    • Pre-plant, side dress and in-season micronutrients
    • Nitrogen stabilizers
  • Custom crop protection applications
    • Pre- and post-emerge herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
  • On-demand wheat and soybean seed treatments found at McCracken, Plainville and Palco locations
    • Wheat treatments with seed cleaning can be found at, McCracken and Palco locations
  • Wheat seed cleaning
  • Field scouting
  • Producer financing


The Midland Marketing Coop agronomy team uses leading technology to provide farmers with accurate and cost-effective field prescriptions. We leverage the R7® Tool and Climate FieldView™ platforms to store data and help you identify and better manage the acres that possess the best opportunity for increased profit potential. Both of these comprehensive precision farming solutions integrates soil and tissue sampling, satellite imagery mapping and harvest data to help create customized variable rate fertility and seeding prescriptions for your farm. We also have tissue samples analyzed by NutriSolutions® Tissue Analysis.
Click on the items below to learn more about each precision ag platform.

WinField® United R7® Tool
  • Field and Zone Soil Testing
  • Variable Rate Fertility Prescriptions
  • As-Applied Field Mapping
  • Harvest Data Mapping
  • Satellite Imaging 
  • NDVI Images and Analysis
  • Farm Data Management
  • Profitability Map
  • Archived and In-Season Imagery
Climate FieldView™
  • Keeps all your data in one place with connectivity across many equipment types, makes, models and systems. This enables easy collection, storage and viewing of field data for more of the inputs you manage during the season.

  • Uncover valuable insights for next season with tools that help you analyze crop performance at the field level or by field zone. Use in-season imagery to identify issues early and take action to protect yield.

  • Optimize inputs to maximize yield and profitability on every acre with variable rate seeding prescription tools, nitrogen management tools and fertility scripting tools.

NutriSolutions® Tissue Analysis

Our agronomists can visit your farm at different points during the growing season to take plant tissue samples. NutriSolutions® tissue testing and analyses pinpoint nutrient deficiencies at critical growth stages so we can help farmers make adjustments before yield potential is compromised. We can also import tissue data results into the Climate FieldView™ and R7® Tool applications for a complete review of previous seasons to help you plan for next season.

Agronomy Technology
Financing Your Growth

Financing Your Growth

Midland Marketing Coop understands that you need unique and flexible crop input financing to succeed in an ever-changing global market. Every grower has different needs, so in addition to supporting your farming operation through our own net 30 charge account, we offer competitive financial solutions in conjunction with the Cooperative Finance Association, Inc. (CFA) and John Deere Credit. Read below for more information and contact Audrey Werth or your local Midland Marketing Coop agronomist with questions about any of these offerings.

CFA Input Financing Program

CFA’s Input Financing Program offers a variety of loan products to fit your crop production needs. Benefits include:

  • Quick approval process
  • Convenient loan application process
  • Non-revolving line of credit
  • Credit limits designed to fit the needs of the producer
  • Funding for fertilizer, chemical, seed and energy products
  • Convenient one-stop shopping
  • Financing through knowledgeable people in production agriculture

John Deere Multi-Use Account 

  • Wide variety of eligible products to purchase
  • Subsidized interest rate by the manufacturers 
  • Always reduced interest rate compared to banks
  • Easy to enroll 
  • The transferring of money is streamlined, making it very easy and efficient to use

John Deere credit applications can be completed online. Send completed CFA applications to Audrey Werth at:

Midland Marketing Coop
c/o Audrey Werth
219 East 9th
Hays, KS 67601
Office: 785-628-3221 
Cell: 785-639-6487
Fax: 785-628-3222

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