Why Truterra?

Nov 15, 2021

In 1915, a group of like-minded producers joined together to form Midland Marketing Cooperative. With the formation of Midland Marketing that gave our producers an opportunity to have buying and selling power. Today, Midland continues to value the role their producers play in their ownership and keeps the progressive needs of our producers top of mind. Our producers rely on us to offer the top seed genetics, chemical advancements, technology, and more to ensure they adequately prepared to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in.
The newest need surfacing is helping our produces navigate the emerging carbon market. To help us ensure we are delivering the best resources and offers to our producers, Midland joined the Truterra network. Truterra is the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes and the only farmer-owned sustainability program in the U.S. Joining Truterra was the best option for our producers for many reasons, but one being their carbon program is built by farmers. This is valuable to our members, as the farmers who built this program understand the day-to-day operation of a farm. Whether it be a drought, or flood, weeds, or high fertilizer prices all these play into a producers profit and plan. Truterra and Midland Marketing understand this and realize that we truly must have the best interest of our producers in mind.
Midland Marketing joined Truterra for more than just their carbon program. We joined because we know that our producers want to continue to be good stewards of the land. By working with Truterra, we can bring our producers an expanded service offering that will help them build healthier soils while reducing their environmental footprint. We all know that our climate is changing and with that, we need to ensure that we are doing what we need to continue to be sustainable and good stewards of the land we have been given to tend. The producers of Midland Marketing work each day to leave the land better than what they started with so that the future generation can continue this way of life. This is the legacy that Midland Marketing was founded on and therefore, we need to deliver on it every day making the decision to join the Truterra network an easy one.
Midland Marketing wants to continue to be a leader in the ag industry and the Truterra partnership gives us the tools to work with our producers on a different level and help them to continue to be profitable as they change the ways that they are doing business. Truterra also gives Midland Marketing the ability to link our producers to the other programs available for their farms. Producers not only have an opportunity to gain by participating in the carbon market, but also have the opportunities to enroll in many Natural Resources programs. By using the Truterra™ sustainability tool, along with our mapping systems, we are able to identify soil health and/or soil erosion issues that a producer could work to change by working with not only Midland Marketing but also their local NRCS office. This in the end gives our producers the upper hand when it comes to the value of their land.
As the world continues to evolve, so will our producers, Midland Marketing wants to continue to be that partner for our producers. Our partnership with Truterra will help to bring agronomic insights and industry connections to our producers so they can protect, restore their land, and unlock its deeper value. If you are interested in the Truterra program at Midland Marketing contact Anna Luna at 785-737-8048 or by email a.luna@midlandmarketing.org.

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