Midland Marketing and CHS give back to our communities

Sep 16, 2021

In the early morning hours of May 16, tragedy struck our small town of Natoma Kansas.  Rising flood waters came through the town early morning and residents were awakened by the sounds of the fire truck of Waldo Paradise Natoma Fire district #3.  During the rescue operation the fire truck sustained damage to the front end of the truck and deemed it in operable.  Through a combined effort of Midland Marketing and CHS grant Seeds of Stewardship, Midland Marketing was able to secure $10,000 to help fix the department’s truck and get it back to protecting the rural areas of Osborne County. 

Midland Marketing understands the importance of our fire departments and having the adequate equipment and vehicles.  We felt this was a very important project to fund and we are happy to award the Waldo Paradise Natoma Fire district with these funds to help get the truck up and going again.

Photo l to r-Kevin Royer General Manager of Midland Marketing, Dale Eickhoff and Keith Koelling of the Waldo, Paradise, Natoma RFD # 3, and Ryan Griffin of Midland Marketing Board of Directors

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