Grand opening in Hill City

Jun 03, 2020

Kelly Waugh and Leonard Long

In 1915, Midland Marketing was founded by a few progressive farmers. Still to this day progressive farmers are present in our leadership of our board and our General Manager Kevin Royer. As times change the board and Kevin found that it is time to expand. Midland Marketing would like to announce the expansion of our cooperative to Hill City Kansas. We have purchased a building in Hill City that will be an agronomy location. Midland Marketing plans to start remodeling the building to become a state-of-the-art agronomy facility. Along with the new facility Midland is bringing Veteran agronomy staff Leonard Long and Kelly Waugh. Midland Marketing Hill City location will carry Winfield United products for your agronomy needs. Midland is excited to be a part of the Hill City community and we look forward to serving our current and new customers in this location

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