Electric Hopper Opener Reimbursement Program

Sep 30, 2021

The Staff of Midland Marketing is excited to offer the following program to our patrons:
Electric Hopper Opener Reimbursement Program
Deliver 10,000 bushels and receive up to $600.00 credit per new installed electric auto grain hopper door opener/closer.
  1. Purchase and install opener and provide us with an itemized receipt/invoice/order
  2. Deliver your grain to any Midland Marketing Coop location
  3. A $600 credit will be applied to your account per new opener installed.  For every 10,000 bushels delivered, patron is eligible for one installation credit. 
Limited funds are allocated to this program and funds are first come, first served.  Call now to reserve your funds.
After 90 days, if proof of purchase/install is not provided, the funds will be allocated to the next patron on the reserve list.
In the event of parts being back ordered, a written note can hold the spot for an extended period. This must be on the vendor’s letter head and dated within the 30 days of funds being held.
For every 10,000 bushels delivered in the 2021 crop year, $600 can be allocated per automatic opener installed.
Please contact your local Midland Marketing representative to participate in the program.
We look forward to working with you on this program.

Kevin Royer
Midland Marketing Coop Inc.
*Disclaimer: Purchase and payment is the responsibility of the patron as well as any necessary requirements for installation.  Ownership is the patron’s; therefore, ongoing maintenance or repairs of the opener is the patron’s responsibility.  Midland Marketing Coop does not service or repair grain traps or electric openers.

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