COVID-19 Update

As of October 1,2020

Fall harvest 2020 is approaching quickly! As always, the health and safety of our customers and employees is Midland Marketing’s top priority and due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will be operating a little differently this year.

To protect all our customers and employees, we would like to limit the amount of customer-employee interactions. Therefore, we are asking that you stay in your truck when on the scale. Our employee running the scale will bring the ticket out to your truck. If you must come into the scale house for any reason, please use the complimentary hand sanitizer offered at each location. Our public restrooms will be open, but we are asking you to practice social distancing while inside the scale houses.

If COVID-19 is something you have been concerned about, NO WORRIES! This year for the first time ever, Midland Marketing is offering to hold tickets in the scale house for any customers that would prefer a “no contact” harvest! We will file your paper tickets in the scale house. When you are done harvesting let us know, and we will give all your tickets to you when you bring in your last truck load. This will minimize your contact with employees. This is made possible by our new Midland Marketing App. We were proud to launch our new app on 6/15/2020 for all our customers. When you sign up for our app you can instantly receive electronic tickets on your phone. Our App can be found on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you have any questions on how to download and use our app please call the Hays Office number listed below.

In addition to minimizing contact, each of our locations will be disinfected each evening before the employees go home. Our employees have also been instructed to follow the social distancing guidelines and stay six feet away from one another and have no more than two employees in the scale house at one time.

We realize that some of these changes may be inconvenient. However, we are working to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy harvest. If you have any questions, need to know a locations hours, or would like to avoid coming into any of our offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic please call any of our locations at the following numbers:
HAYS OFFICE 628-3221
LACROSSE 222-2553
MCCRACKEN 394-2244
NATOMA 885-4282
TOULON 625-5138
YOCEMENTO 625-6440
ZURICH 662-3274
PALCO 737-4135
BROWNELL 481-2379
HARGRAVE 222-3344
Be safe, stay hydrated, and have a happy harvest!