About Us

Midland Marketing Coop, Inc. encompasses eleven elevators in a five county area, as well as ten supply sites.  We operate two fuel/service stations, one in Plainville and the other in Hays.  Also, based out of Hays and Plainville are our bulk fuel trucks which will deliver fuel for your needs. 

Midland Marketing provides crop and livestock production expertise. We help farmers grow their bountiful crops by providing and/or applying fertilizers and chemicals for their fields.  When it comes time to harvest those crops, Midland Marketing has a place to store them.  With a capacity of 9,868,000 bushels Midland Marketing can take care of your grain storage needs. 

For those needing feed for their livestock, Midland Marketing has it covered.  Midland Marketing sells bagged feed, and sells and delivers bulk feed.  We can mix up a custom feed at our Hays or McCracken location for any feeding regimen. 

For automotive needs, our service station can do the job.  We offer gasoline and diesel, tires, and provide many services.  So whether it is just a fill up, time for new tires, or an alignment is needed we can take care of you.

All of the Midland Marketing employees and our 990 members invite you to browse our website, we will be adding more pages, so come back often!